Miter Saw Safety Tips

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Miter saws are generally used to make clean cross cuts on wood stock. They can be roughly categorised into two types: basic miter saw and compound miter saw. The main difference is that compound miter saws can be angled to make bevel cuts and miter cuts at the same time. A sliding compound miter saw is an extension of the second type, which adds sliding rails to the saw head, allowing it to be moved back and forth during cutting.

Whether you have a basic miter saw, a compound miter saw or a sliding compound miter saw, the safety rules for using them are essentially the same.

The saws:

A miter saw is a very precise tool for making cross or circular cuts on wood. The cuts can be made square, angled or beveled. Most of these kind of saws allow for miter and bevel cuts at the same time. This allows users to make much more precise cuts, even in complex cases. This is mostly useful when cutting moulds or joints, where the pieces need to be cut with extreme accuracy.

Working safely with a miter saw:

If not handled correctly a miter saw can be lethal. Even a moment of carelessness can have severe results. As such, utmost care should be taken at all times when using a miter saw.

Compound miter saws are easy to use. First place the wood to be cut on the table, up against the fence. Adjust the position of the board so that it is ready to be cut. Set the bevel and angle of the saw to prepare for cutting. Once ready, the saw must be started and pressed into the wood in a steady and rhythmic manner. The parts of the body most vulnerable during this process are the eyes and hands. As such it is important to wear safety glasses and gloves.

It is important to ready the usage instructions of the product before beginning.

Making a stand for the miter saw:

Miter saws are often used as portable tools, but it can be hard to use them properly outside of a workshop. The main issue here is giving enough support to the wood stock on both sides of the saw. This problem can easily be solved by making a portable miter saw stand. Pre-made stands are also available to purchase, but it is up to you whether you want to pay for one or just make a custom stand yourself.

How many teeth per inch is best in a miter saw blade?

This is a very common question. It is usually the case that the more teeth per inch on the blade, the smoother the cut. Saw blades with a lower amount of teeth tend to cut more readily, but leave a rough and uneven finish on the wood. It is best to have a variety of blades that you can swap into the saw depending on the job.

These tips should help you to perform better and safer cuts with your miter saw. Not paying attention to safety can lead to anything from poorly finished cuts to serious bodily injuries. Correct settings and blades on the saw are good points to consider in order to achieve perfect results.

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