Makita LS1216L ReviewsMakita, a worldwide manufacturer of industrial quality tools, has engineered the compact and energy efficient Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw.  Able to crosscut wide boards up to 15 inches at a 90 degree angle, this saw is one of the best on the market.

Ideal for cutting molding, baseboards or trim, the gearbox and patented retractable guard system are designed to increase the vertical cutting capacity. As the LS1216L features 6 linear ball bearings, smooth and solid cuts are easily made accurate. We found to have the best price on the Makita LS1216L Compound Miter Saw, and it also comes with free delivery.

The LS1216L allows for precise miter and bevel cuts. It boasts an exclusive 5 ½ inch tall sliding fence system that accommodates a variety of cutting applications. The front bevel scales as well as the built in laser increases visibility and improves the accuracy of the cut.

The user-friendly features are an added bonus. Since the saw encompasses a patented 4-steel Rail Sliding System, the machine is more compact. It is easy to store. The ergonomic rubberized handle has specially been designed to provide comfort while working.

Makita LS1216L Compound Miter Saw Features

  • 4-Steel Rail Sliding System and 6 Linear ball bearings deliver adjustment-free dead-on cuts
  • Exclusive 5-1/2-inch tall dual sliding fence system features upper and lower fence adjustment
  • Powerful 15 AMP direct drive motor requires less maintenance than belt-driven saws
  • Independent micro fine laser with on/off switch indicates line of cut left or right of blade
  • Cuts 8-inch crown molding (vertically nested), 6-1/2-inch baseboard (vertical), and 15-inch crosscuts at 90 degrees

Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Reviews

According to reviewers, this is the last saw you will ever need. It is a quality tool at a great price. A home renovator claims that the Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw is a joy to use.

While he admits that is not qualified to compare the Makita to any other brand, he knows from experience that it is a sturdy piece of equipment. He admits that he has not be careful with his saw. His saw has experience many bumps and bangs. Yet the angles always remain in line. He even accidentally sawed through the metal fence. The blade seems to have held up fine.

Another reviewer, this one a contractor for over 25 years, has used almost every miter saw on the market. He states that every saw has its strong points, but that the Makita has more than most. He finds it is the best 12-inch compound slider out there. He has tested the Bosch and the Hitachi as well. He specializes in fine finish remodelling. This saw helps him cut clean and smoothly every time.

Makita LS1216L Review Summary

Reviewers only have one complaint; the manual that comes with the saw is useless. The print is way too small and the diagrams are poorly done. Many had to spend hours attempting to put their saw properly together. Most just gave up and called the service centre.  One reviewer used his manual to start his wood stove.

Once reviewers did properly assemble the Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw, they loved it’s performance.  So we hope you enjoyed our makita 1216 review and found this usefull. One reviewer even claims that it is the best investment he has ever made.  So we would give the Makita LS1216L as scored of 8 out of 10.